Managing Staff

Designed for call-out professionals who specialise in areas such as Pool Maintenance, Tree Services, Domestic/Commercial Cleaners and Mobile Car Washers, Acclyptic's quotation system provides a streamlined way of generating and sending quotes to your clients directly from your mobile via Email or SMS.

Instant Quoting

Acclyptic's quoting system is designed to be tailored to how you run your business whilst minimising manual input on each job.

Creating quotes is as simple as heading into the roster, creating a job and selecting "Quote" from your services. The job price and duration will automatically calculate as you select each available service.

You can manually set the price by typing directly into the "Price" field.

Quote are colour coded out-of-the-box making them easily identifiable in the roster. Quotation, Job and other colours can also be configured to your company branding .

Quotation details

Various details such as the price, duration, time and status are automatically set by Acclyptic. You can change them at a 'generic' level or fine-tune your quote by bringing up the quotation details.

Hit "Details" to fine tune details of the quote, such as sections, materials used and item quantities.

Managing Quotes


Acclyptic provides a clear and easy to read dashboard that lets you see how your business is performing.

The dashboard will give you an overview of your quote performance, allow you to search through your quotes and provide a full list of quotations in the system.

Direct to your client

Sending your quote

Sending a quote is as easy as opening a Quotation and hitting "Send".

The quotation message will automatically generate based on your Communication Templates.


For more details about setting up and using Acclyptic to help your business, Get Started with Acclyptic and head over to the Support Centre where you will find quick read manuals, news, access to our support staff and more.


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